St. Mary’s College, as per the Education Ministry classification, is an 1C category provincial School in Attanagalle division in Gampaha district and it has classes from Grade 1 up to Grade 13. The school is managed by Provincial Authorities. There are about 2000 students, 78 teachers and 05 another supportive staff in the school. St. Mary’s College has an efficient administrative system. Decentralization is vital for smooth management. The Principal, with assistance from the Deputy Principal, manages the entire school through delegation of powers to different sectional heads. An Assistant Principal is also appointed to handle other specific areas – namely: Finance and Academic affairs.

St. Mary’s College has classes from Grade 1 to Grade 13. All grades conduct classes in Sinhala medium. The English medium class was introduced to Grade 06 in 2015. Being a government school, St. Mary’s College follows government educational policy.

Admission of students to St. Mary’s College is at 3 levels. Nearly 160 children are selected for admission at the Grade 1 level. Selections are strictly made in the terms of the circular issued by the Ministry of Education. The next level of admission is at Grade 6. Students are selected on the basis of the grade 5 scholarship exam marks. The third and final level of admission is at Grade 12. A number of students are admitted depending on the number of vacancies based on their Ordinary Level results, sports and other achievements. Priority is also given to students who do not have Advanced Level facilities in their current schools.

St. Mary’s College boasts of an impressive infrastructure. In addition to several long standing structural features, several new buildings have been added to the St. Mary’s College. There is an Information Communication Technology laboratory, science laboratory, a library and a home science room in the school. Several new buildings like an open stage, a lobby, a proposed thee storied building for Advanced level Science and Maths classes will merge into the distinctively impressive architectural skyline of St. Mary’s College.

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